Shape the City’s future by registering to vote

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Workers can vote in City elections

Unlike in other elections elsewhere, people who work in the City can register to vote.

Voter registration gives you, your colleagues and sector a seat at the table, as we shape the City’s future. Each year, registration is open from 1st September to 16th December, but you can register your interest in becoming a voter at any time.

Become a worker voter

Businesses and other organisations in the City are able to register voters. Express your interest in becoming a voter by searching for your workplace below.

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City of London residents must register to vote each year

If you’re a City resident, elections are your chance to hold councillors and candidates accountable - and ensure you have a voice in shaping the City’s future. All eligible residents can vote in these elections, but must register each year.

Candidate portrait
Candidate portrait

If you are passionate about the City, we need you

Common Councillors and Aldermen make a huge difference to the lives of City workers and residents. We need people from all backgrounds and experiences to put themselves forward for election.