How can I vote?

To vote in elections this year, you must have been registered by 16th December last year. To request a vote in future elections, please visit our voter registration page.

Apply for a postal vote

If you are already registered to vote and would like to have a postal vote in future elections, apply for one today. This can be sent to your home, office or another address of your choosing. The deadline to apply for a postal vote at any given election is at 5pm eleven working days before polling day.

Appoint a proxy voter

If you are unable to get to the polling station, you can appoint someone else to vote on your behalf. If you apply to appoint a proxy voter, you must download, print and sign the form by hand - and email it to the by 5pm six working days before polling day for a new proxy vote or eleven working days for changes to an existing proxy vote.

Download the proxy vote application form (PDF)

In person

Locations of polling stations are announced ahead of each election and are open 8am to 8pm on polling day. If there is an election in your ward, please use the tool below to find its location.