City of London Elections 2025

The City of London is the oldest continuously-running municipal democracy in the world. Both residents and workers are eligible to vote in elections for 100 Common Councillors and 25 Aldermen.

Now is your chance to help shape its future.


The City of London Corporation runs the Square Mile and is the oldest continuous municipal democracy in the world. Not only do we look after local services such as roads, rubbish collection, planning and the police - we also support and promote City businesses and ensure this remains one of the best places to live, work and visit in the world. The next all-out elections to the Common Council will be in March 2025, but by-elections and elections for Alderman can be held at any time.

The election process

The City is divided into 25 wards, small electoral districts, each with a number of Common Councillors and one Alderman. There are 125 elected members of the City of London Corporation in total, who look after local services in the City and beyond, and serve as the representative voice of City businesses here and around the world. Those registered by 30th November each year will be able to vote in elections the subsequent year.

Choose your ward to see your candidates and how to vote

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