Frequently Asked Questions

The City is divided into 25 wards, small electoral districts, each with a number of Common Councillors and one Alderman. There are 125 elected members of the City of London Corporation in total, who look after local services in the City and beyond, and serve as the representative voice of City businesses here and around the world. Those registered by 16th December will be able to vote in the Common Councillor elections in March next year. These elections are held by ‘first past the post’ and you will have the same number of votes as councillors you are electing, e.g. three votes in a three-member ward. If there is a vacancy for an Alderman in your ward next year, you will also have one vote in that election.

Unlike in other elections, registration for Ward List has to be done each year. You must be registered by 16th December 2021 to vote in next year’s City elections.

As long as both your addresses have ‘a considerable degree of permanence’, you can register and vote in local elections in both places. If you have been living outside the City temporarily due to the pandemic, but your residence here remains a long-term home, you are likely still able to register to vote here. If you have any queries on residency, please get in touch.

More information will be published on candidates following the nomination deadline in January. You may however see candidates campaigning before then and shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with them. You can find the current Common Councillors in your ward here.

Yes. If you live outside the City, being registered in our elections doesn’t affect your voter registration at home. If registered, you can vote in local elections in both places.

If you are registered to vote by 16th December, you will be able to vote at your ward’s polling station on Election Day in March - this won’t necessarily be the same polling station you vote at in other elections. As with any other election, you can request a **postal vote **without needing a reason.