Stand for the City of London Corporation

If you are passionate about the City, we need you.

Common Councillors and Aldermen make a huge difference to the lives of City workers and residents. Serving as an elected member can be an incredibly fulfilling way to give back to the Square Mile and help ensure its future success.

Ready to change the face of the City?

If you care about the City - and want to step into a leadership role to represent its workers, residents and interests - you should consider standing for election to the City of London Corporation. We need people from all professions and backgrounds, who reflect the City we serve, to put themselves forward for election.!

There are two kinds of elected officials in the City of London Corporation, 100 Common Councillors and 25 Aldermen. Together, they form the Common Council, which is the City of London Corporation's main-decision making body.

Both can then join committees that oversee an incredibly diverse range of areas in the City and beyond - from finance and planning to cultural centres like the Barbican and Hampstead Heath. Becoming an elected member of the City of London Corporation can be a great way to gain board-level experience and pursue interests across a wide range of sectors.

While these are unpaid positions, the Court of Common Council has introduced a new scheme to recompense Members for the duties they undertake on behalf of the City Corporation. Claims under this scheme are voluntary and capped at £7,500 per annum. More detailed information can be found online in the Members' Financial Support Policy.

The next all-out elections for Common Councillor will be held in March 2025. Elections for Aldermen and any Common Councillor by-elections can occur at any time. Register your interest in standing to be kept informed of upcoming vacancies and any events that may be of interest to candidates.

What is an Alderman?

The City of London Alderman is one of the oldest elected roles in the UK. Each of the twenty-five wards elects one Alderman for a term of up to six years and several will see elections in 2022. Together, they form the Court of Aldermen, one of the three governing Courts of the City of London. Their role is to encourage trade, champion standards, build skills in the workforce and promote the City as an attractive place to live and do business.

Aldermen also sit on the Court of Common Council which is responsible for the overall policies and resources of the City Corporation, and sets its multi-year strategy and plans. They are also appointed to the boards of a range of charities, as well as the governing bodies of the City’s academy schools in neighbouring boroughs. Many Aldermen have a financial or professional services background and are well-placed to develop further the City’s relations with this key sector.

Each year, the Lord Mayor is elected from amongst the Aldermen - and those looking to stand for the mayoralty will first need to be elected as an Alderman.